After the week i’ve had the answer is ‘f***ed if I know!’

Because of the negative place I am in, workwise, at the moment and in an attempt to try and get myself out of the funk – why oh why did I want to be a librarian?

To be honest I don’t remember a time when I didn’t want to be a librarian – I’m sure I toyed with other careers as a child – ballet dancer, astronaut, superhero etc.

Batman I blame Batgirl – not only did she work in a cool library she was also a superhero crimefighter – what’s not to love?

I was never library monitor at school (though I did get my ‘library’ badge at both Brownies & Guides). I never arranged by books in a particular order. In High School I deliberately got less that 8/10 for Dewey so I didn’t have to go into the library (Yes clearly that was my rebellious phase).

Yet my top 2 uni preferences were always going to be Librarianship and Library studies.

I didn’t get into any of my library school preferences so I went the circuitous route -Arts degree then postgrad library qualification, then Masters in Librarianship, then some supplementary courses that I thought would be useful (cert IV in Helpdesk etc).

My first job as a librarian was great, exhilarating, interesting, I was challenged daily, I learnt from great people, I worked with great people it was exactly what I had dreamt it would be.

So what went wrong? Why am I in such a ‘bad’ place at the moment. Why am I almost glad that the pain and the inability to walk from a torn calf muscle is keeping me away from work?

And that is where I am at  at the moment.

How do I get myself out of this funk and back to being the enthusiastic librarian I used to be?

Hopefully this blog post is the first step.