About Me

When not bringing about world peace through librarianship, or planning world domination through librarianship, i blog about chocolate, musical theatre, crime fiction, gadgets and stuff.

I am:

Criminal Mastermind
Lego fiend

On Twitter you may know me as @tapsister
On Instagram you may know me as @BatgirlMelb
In real life you may know me as Fiona (or hey you!)

My ‘Biography

Fiona can’t remember when she didn’t want to be a librarian. From the moment she saw Batman on TV (Adam West version) and discovered that batgirl was a librarian her future was sealed.

Her first encounter with a library was weekly visits to the old Doncaster East library and only borrowing 4 books. This was also her first foray into crime as she tried to bribe her siblings to borrow the books she wanted to read. (Her long standing love affair with Biggles shows the lack of success there).

By the time Fiona realised that batgirl wasn’t real she was already working in an academic library.

Fiona moved into public libraries mumble years ago where she shares her love of crimefiction with all and sundry.

Fiona believes that libraries are for everyone and that life literacies are a key component of public library programming.

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