Curriculum Vitae

2019 Library goals.

Can’t decide between #Lifeliteracies and #CommunityLoungeroom.

I am interested in everything library. Making libraries everything that our users want us to be. Libraries in the community; library boxen; digital libraries; reading (in any format); making sure all library resources are available to all library users – regardless of format.


Over twenty years experience in libraries with extensive experience in library systems. Technical skills, planning, time management, organising and communicating, together with an eye for detail and strong customer service orientation, are the key skills offered to an employer who needs a flexible hands-on librarian with a ‘can do’ attitude.


Deakin University. Partial completion of Master of Business Administration (MBA) (three units left to complete degree)

Deakin University. Graduate Diploma of Arts & Entertainment Management

Monash University. Master of Arts (Librarianship)

Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT). Graduate Diploma of Information Studies


 Management:  Performance Management; Budgeting – resources budget; Strategic Planning; Lead teams to achieve desired outcomes; Training; Supervision

Communication:   Training staff; Library Blogs; Presenting internet demonstrations to public & staff; Representing organisation at peer meetings and conferences.

Customer Service:  Liaise with public and staff; Develop relationships with suppliers; Ensure customer satisfaction with service delivery; Ensure appropriate response to feedback from members; Communicate with staff and public verbally and in writing; Organise booktalks, booklists, guest speakers and programs for public.

Systems: Experience & understanding of a range of technologies; familiar with wide range of software packages; Troubleshooting; familiar with many types and uses of tablets, ipads, eReaders, kindles and smart phones.

Collections: Responsible for all Adult collections. Selection, weeding, (Review, Renew, Refresh).

Event Management: Plan organise, host, and run Booktalks, Author talks, book chats and a range or reader related activities.


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