Lockdown 4, Day 6

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Hilltop Cake Shop, Whitehorse, Victoria(+61 3 9836 2592)
Today’s coffee is from Hilltop Cakes in Mont Albert.(or maybe it is actually in Balwyn?) Hilltop bakery has been there ‘forever’ and have always done fantastic cakes & pastries.

Lockdown 4, Day 5

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Through Road Pantry, Camberwell, Melbourne | Zomato
Today’s coffee is from Through Road Pantry in Through Road, Camberwell. Accompanied by a yummy cinamon twist.

Lockdown 4, Day 4

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A ‘workday’. Coffee @ Chez Home. Freezing cold morning but it turned into a beautiful sunny day (still cold).

Meant I could work outside for a couple of hours – rugged up as for a ski holiday but enjoying sitting outside.

Finished the day off by (unintentionally) turning a saucepan into an indoor fire pit.

21 May 21

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May be an image of text
Today’s coffee was from Turkish table

Today I headed into Jeff’s shed for a covid jab. I hadn’t booked so was attempting a walk-in jab. It was surprisingly easy. I arrived at 11am. My arm was jabbed with the Astra Zeneca vaccine at 11.07am. Even after 15 minutes in the observation area I was still well on my way back to Flinders Street station by 11.30. FTW

March 11, 2021

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May be an image of text
Today’s coffee (on the way to work) is from Turkish Table which is at the car wash where Coffee n chill used to be. Delicious samples of turkish delight also. The gozleme looked delish and will be tried on the next visit.

I have been ‘gainfully’ employed for 7 weeks

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I thought I would update you all on what the newest member of staff (moi) has been doing in the seven weeks (Mondays) since I started work.

Week 1. On best behaviour. Induction, introductions. Find the non fiction section.

Week 2. Public Holiday. An early example of my superior planning skills

Week 3. Covid-19 decides I’m spending too much time at work. Solution – reduce library hours.

Week 4. Covid-19 decides I’m still spending too much time at work. Solution – close library.

Week 5. Work from home (WFH) also known as Where Fiona Hides.

Access the Staff drive and read procedures – discover there is a door counter. Spend sleepless night wondering about location of door counter. Decide door counter is probably somewhere near the front doors. Happy with that.

Spend sleepless night wondering how we count people who arrive in the lift. Devise series of trip wires and bells for members arriving by lift. Consult Occupational Health & Safety guidelines. Cancel trip wires and replace with fingerprint system in lift which will count how many times the library floor button is pushed from downstairs.

Decide I am overthinking people counting scenarios. (Note to self: employ staff member to count people)

Week 6. Decide I have done all I can do re: the people counting scenarios. Hope other staff are impressed with my problem-solving skills and attention to detail vis-à-vis people counting options.

Back to the procedures. Decide Week 6 focus will be book clubs. Set up zooms for book clubs. Book club member tells me that I am “a lot older than she thought I’d be..”

Back to procedures manual looking for code of conduct for members. Write code of conduct for members. Decide to punish member by making her stay at home and not visit anyone or have any visitors. Decide that is a bit harsh so cancel her membership and order a firing squad. Update code of conduct accordingly.

Week 7. See Week 2

Covid Closure – Day One

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A quick recap of my first four weeks in my new job.   (I am working one day a week)

Week 1. Day 1. Paperwork, Introductions, Induction.

Week 2. Day 2. Public holiday.

Week 3. Day 3. In light of new Covid-19 restrictions reduce opening  hours.

Week 4. Day 4. In light of new Covid-19 restrictions close library.

Hmmmm. Not the impressive start i was envisaging.


Royal Blue Velvet with Gold Braid

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Librarian’s Log. Day 1. Monday 2nd March 2020. 09:25am. The approach.

Trepidatiously I stand outside 188 Collins Street.

Out the front is a banner advertising Senior Moments 2  a senior comedy revue starring Tony Barber, Max Gillies and Normie Rowe.

Inside the foyer I hesitate – to the left are the brochures and free postcards; to the right Bistro D’Orsay.

I veer left.

Hanging above the entry to the theatre is a large photo of the theatre usherettes circa 1932.

Screen Shot 2020-03-27 at 15.51.31

Top row 4th from left is Miss Vida Renshaw – my Great Aunt.

I wave to her then head back to the stairs.

I stand at the foot of the stairs, looking up, and then, deep breath, grasping the rail tightly I head up.

I stop briefly (entrance to dress circle), another deep breath and then turn the corner.

The  library. My new life has begun.

Dream Job Dream Library

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So in exciting news The Gap Year has finished early. Starting Monday 2 March I shall be frolicking one day a week (Mondays) at The Melbourne Athenaeum Library.

I am still doing my happy dance and skipping round the house.


#BlogJune 2

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Redundancy is a weird bedfellow.

The knowledge that a job you invested time & energy into is no longer needed in a ‘new’ structure.

Yet what actually happens is that the stuff you used to do still needs to be done so instead of you doing it it gets shared out among other (already overworked) people.

There were roughly 80 regular tasks on my handover list.

Some daily, some weekly, some monthly, some quarterly, some annually, some ad hoc – the point is that other people now need to do those things.

That didn’t include the ones that I had already handed over to individuals.

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