#BlogJune 2

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Redundancy is a weird bedfellow.

The knowledge that a job you invested time & energy into is no longer needed in a ‘new’ structure.

Yet what actually happens is that the stuff you used to do still needs to be done so instead of you doing it it gets shared out among other (already overworked) people.

There were roughly 80 regular tasks on my handover list.

Some daily, some weekly, some monthly, some quarterly, some annually, some ad hoc – the point is that other people now need to do those things.

That didn’t include the ones that I had already handed over to individuals.


#BlogJune 1

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So this will be a different blog june to my usual I suspect.

On May 20, 2019 I entered the post redundancy phase of my life.

Yep after many years I was offered a redundancy on April 9, 2019. (which I eventually accepted a week later).

My last day at work was Friday May 17.

Tis a weird experience and I suspect #blogjune will be all about me exploring life post redundancy.

Here’s to the future.


Friends of the Library

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A long time ago in a galaxy far far away the library what employed me at a time was facing a location crisis. We desperately needed a bigger space which half the council supported but the municipality also wanted a recreation centre and there was a local government election looming.

Enter the newly formed Friends of the Library. One of our regular borrowers at the time had a daughter who was a librarian in the USA. On a visit to her Eric was impressed by the Friends of the Library groups and brought the idea back to Kew.

And thus the FoKLs were born. The stood candidates in the ‘uncontested’ seats in the council election and were instrumental in getting the city both a larger library (we moved to the old Memorial Hall) and the Kew Recreation Centre.

They held regular booksales of discarded books to raise money for the library and generally supported then library in everything we did.

Anyhoo this article talks about the value of Friends of library groups and the goodwill they engender in the library.

Design on the cheap

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This article has advice from a library architect on how to jazz up a library without spending bucketloads of money.

Simple things such as painting desk tops with whiteboard paint or buying inexpensive bean bags can completely change the look and feel of parts of a library.

Tame the web

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As many of you will be aware I have been a Michael Stephens fan for some years now. Recently Michael was in Australia to (among other things) deliver the closing keynote at the Asia Pacific Library & Information Conference (APLIC) on the Gold Coast.

He did a few other visits while he was here and this post has links to all his presentations.

Well worth a read.

Four spaces of the public library

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Michael Stephens talked about this in his keynote address at APLIC a few weeks ago. It intrigued me so I looked for more info and found this article.

A little too late for my library’s redesign but interesting nonetheless.



Libraries as Communities

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What is the single most important element to ensure the future success of libraries?

This article from Princh follows a poll on the most important element to ensure the future success of libraries. Although funding was a  (large) source of discontent most responses were around transitioning to a more community focused library.

“The poll results surprisingly revealed that many respondents think that the most important element that will ensure the future success of #libraries is the transition towards a more community-focused library.”

In my library I would posit that we are a little too focused on our digitally literate members who access library resources online and not enough on out patrons who actually set foot in the physical building and are expected to ‘hunt’ for info about the library they don’t know they want whilst online patrons are ‘spoonfed’ such info.

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