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Fail = First Attempt In Learning.

If there is one thing I excel at it is not getting jobs that I want at MPoW!  In my more pessimistic  & downright cynical moments I wonder if I am applying for other jobs within the organisation to give TPTB some practice at (creative) thinking – weird and wonderful reasons to reject me.

And there have been some doozies.

“Why on earth would you think you would get the job over the person who has been acting in it for the last few months?” Then a bit later when I had been acting in the job… “Just because you’ve been acting in the job doesn’t give you an advantage over the other applicants”

Or “you are over qualified for this position” then 2 years later – same job –  “we had a lot of applicants who are better qualified than you”.

So basically there is often no rhyme or reason (or logic) to management decisions when it comes to your career path. Accept the rejection; eat lots of chocolate; drink lots of pepsi; take part in nanowrimo and get your revenge on paper but most of all




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This is a very interesting newsletter. A curation of Public Library topics from around the world.

My favourite item in this newsletter is this one.

Welcome to the BLC – An amazing place packed full of diversity in the heart of Barking. Learn to code, bring your child to nursery & even book yourself in for a relaxing massage.

– and yes the Barking Learning Centre has a sauna and spa.

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Library Design. Sydney. Green Square.

Because MPoW is currently being renovated I am obsessed really interested in library designs and what other libraries do and don’t do when they renovate.

A couple of months ago when I was in Sydney for Info Online I stopped off at Green Square to have a look at the construction.

It didn’t look a lot like it is going to look but I can’t wait to see it when it is finished.

the new library and plaza will be a public space with a soul.

Whilst I am not 100% sure about the baby grand piano, the idea of the plaza and library – taking the library outside so to speak –  is one that interests me and I will be back visiting in mid 2018 to see the finished product.

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Ottawa Declaration.

So Canada has seen a rise in numbers of people visiting their ‘memory institutions’.

This quote from the British library “The more screen-based our lives, it seems, the greater the perceived value of real human encounters and physical artefacts: activity in each realm feeds interest in the other.” certainly rings true with me.

The term ‘memory institutions’ for the Galleries, Libraries, Archives, & Museums (GLAM) sector is a sound one and I was particularly interested in the Ottawa Delaration and what it could mean for Australian libraries (such as MPoW) moving forward.

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Library cards as collectibles.

Years ago at a VALA (i think) conference one of the keynote speakers talked about his son (the, about 10 years old) was collecting library cards from all round the world.

If libraries let you choose your card design I might be tempted to start collecting them too.

BlogJune. Day 8 0f 19.

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Visit Your Library – Reduce your tsundoku…

Best word ever  –  love, love, love this. I will be dropping this into sentences at work whenever I can.

Tsundoku, Tsundoku, Tsundoku, Tsundoku, Tsundoku

And the infographic is pretty cool too.

The original infographic is here

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Flexible spaces.

In Victoria, Minneapolis the new library has taken inspiration from farmhouses and the Apple Genius bar.

I know someone who would totally embrace the latter!

Whereas I lurv the idea of the long tables that can be used in a variety of ways…


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