BlogJune. Day 3 of Day 17.

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This would be a cool thing to do.

I could see it as a variation on little free libraries – at local playgrounds have deleted or donated picture books; in local ‘green spaces’ have deleted or donated novels; similarly portable installations or pop ups at, say, immunisation sessions; train stations.

Possibilities are endless.


Blog June. Day 2 of Day 17

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Fiction in Surrey.

I saw this a few years ago and thought – what a brilliant, and relatively simple, idea. It is using google maps.

Couldn’t think of enough novels set in Boroondara but could we do it with our Local History Collections?

The resulting (local history) map could then be drilled down into and turned into self guided local history walks or cycle routes. Would be a good one to partner with local history societies on as well.

BlogJune. Day 1 of Day 17

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As always the best laid plans…

I intended to take part in BlogJune however on May 29 my world crashed down around me my internet died unexpectedly (is it ever expected?) and it took over two weeks (three companies and seven people) to ‘unbork’ it.

Therefore I start blogjune half a month behind.

Let’s see if I can catch up?

On the other hand I have over 1000 articles in my ‘2B blogged’ folder.


Wouldn’t this be fun?

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Screen Shot 2017-05-20 at 11.01.10.png

It could be a fun thing to do (not for the whole collections) but to see what sort of books our users want. In a non-traditional way maybe (for fiction) some crime, some romance, some historical, and so on.

Would need to investigate further but could be like a holiday program for adults?

More pondering required…

Library has moved and re-opened.

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Sorry for the delay in blogging but “library, removalling of” took a lot longer, was a lot more stressful, and involved a lot more texting than i would have thought possible.

Thanks to amazing hard work by staff and some great support from the Operations Manager, Library Manager , Director, and Project Manager we opened on time and neither flingogal nor I had actually killed anyone (I won’t say we hadn’t plotted the perfect crime/s…)

Even with all the shelving and library ‘stuff’ in the space is still pretty amazeballs. Of course if we had our time over again we would do things a bit differently (see previous paragraph about plotting the perfect crime…)

Of course there are some things we didn’t realise would occur. We are co-located with a child care centre and their cot room shares a wall with our quiet study area.

Some of the babies couldn’t sleep through the hammering and malletting in their first week and are getting their revenge by performing synchronised crying routines when the library is open.

Still we did a damn fine job and I am pretty proud of what we achieved but I do find myself getting  a tad defensive when people (especially other staff) are critical of the way we do things or have arranged things.

It is a temporary location people.

For 12 months or so people.

It was never going to be perfect people.

Deal with it.

2016 the year that was – bringing it home.

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Library relocation postponed til January. The good – extra 3 months where we are; more time to pack and plan. The bad – we were ready; more time to pack and plan. Strange feeling –  part let down part relief.


Getting the head back in relocation mode – because of Christmas we don’t have as much time as it seems. Need to work out exactly what needs to be done and when it needs to be done.


Eat, sleep, breathe, relocation. I have written so many lists. However WE ARE READY.

Roll on January 6.


2016 – the year that was ..part 3

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The struggle continued. Outwardly i was my usually efficient, effective productive and professional self. Inwardly I was ‘stressed out of my tree’. After several weeks of asking i got some feedback on my interview performance and why I was unsuccessful. It didn’t help. Most of my colleagues were supportive – their were 2 main opinions – some were disgusted i didn’t get it, others assumed i didn’t get it because I didn’t apply for it.


Finally on the up. Partly because the library was to relocate in october and i was heavily involved in the relocation planning which gave me a chance to use some of my skills. A lot of colleagues were encouraging me to look for employment elsewhere but how could I? if MPOW (people who know my strengths and abilities better than anyone else) thinks I can’t do a job that i did successfully for 6 months why should anyone else?


Planning for the relocation is going ahead full force. I am planning, visualising, measuring, project planning and managing like a mad crazy thing. Lovin’ it.

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