BlogJune Day 1.

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So I have decided take part in BlogJune again this year. I have taken part randomly over the past few years some years I have finished the challenge, some years I have fallen short.

Let’s see what June 2016 brings…

Here is a picture of a mitred square I have just finished knitting.  I am attempting to knit 24 squares for a blanket in June. (It’s supposed to be 30 squares but I knitted 6 squares in May so it is only a ‘little’ cheat….

File 1-06-2016, 5 35 14 PM.jpeg


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I had intended to take part in #blogjune (whereby I would blog every day in June) but instead i inadvertently took part in be sick every day of June (nowhere near as much fun as blogging may I say)

So here is a summary of  what i might have blogged about in June…

June 1. Saw Rocky Horror (stage musical) not one of my favourite musicals but ‘Time Warp’ is worth the price of admission alone.

June 2. Author talk at work. Sore throat (me), excellent talk by author (Jim Beggs). Didn’t have time for a proper lunch break between author talk and desk shift so grabbed some bbq shapes to keep me going. By 3pm feeling very light headed and had to be replaced on desk.

June 3. Extreme vertigo, headache, neckache, fever. went to Doctor “I don’t think it’s meningitis”. Gave me injection for vertigo, panadol for fever, antibiotics for virus.

June 4. – 5. Sleep (20 hours a day at least)

June 6. Should have been flying to Adelaide for Cabaret Festival. Instead sleep.

June 7. Should have been in Adelaide for Cabaret Festival. Instead back to Doctor.  Suspect pneumonia. chest Xray more (different) antibiotics, new inhaler. Lots of sleep. Fever has dropped slightly.

June 8-9. Should have been in Adelaide for Cabaret Festival. Instead lots more sleep.

June 10. Should have been in last day in Adelaide for Cabaret Festival.Back to doctor. Pneumonia diagnosis confirmed by xray. More antibiotics, (and steroids). 23 tablets a day now (my diagnosis is stoning the pneumonia out of me as much as curing it). Certificate for week off work. Managed to avoid hospitalization by moving round to sister’s house.

June 11-12. Sleep. wake up take tablets. sleep.  wake up take tablets. rinse and repeat.

June 13-16. Should have been on holiday in Tasmania. Instead Sleep. wake up take tablets. sleep.  wake up take tablets. rinse and repeat..

June 16. Back to doctor (certificate has run out). Feeling a lot better. Doc happy – lungs have cleared but wants me to finish antibiotics & another course of steroids to ensure lungs are clear.

June 16-25. Still needing 12-16 hours sleep per night  (6 of the tablets i’m taking cause drowsiness). coughing like a chain smoker.

June 26. Back to work.  Worked 8-11.30 then hit the wall and went home to bed.

June 27. 9th anniversary of my father’s death. Didn’t work as I was feeling pretty crap. Not well enough to go to see Les Miserables.

June 28. Still tired but feeling a bit better. Not well enough to go to family dinner in memory of dad.

June 29. Feeling better but still needing 12-15 hours sleep (and naps)

June 30. Still feeling tired (and coughing extremely well). Today would have been my dad’s 78th birthday. I still miss him.  Usually I end #blogjune with a ‘dad’ memory but here’s some photos instead.








Out of control

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My lifeseems extremely out of control at the moment.

Don’t know why.

The work life balance is is, well, balanced.

At work I seem to be jumping from problem to problem, from task to task, without actually achieving anything.

(I’m usually pretty organised & calm about work stuff, but at the moment i am a ball of frenetic energy grrrrr)

So I’m signing off for today to write some lists and to try and get stuff back under control.

If i write down everything that I need to do maybe I can get back on track.

See you all tomorrow.

Thing 5. Photos and maps and apps

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History Pin refused to believe I’m  in Melbourne – it kept showing places nearby as though I was in Sydney. (Surrey Hills, Melbs vs Surry Hills, Syd. I wonder)

Obviously something somewhere was hinky with my location settings. So after much swearing, & threatening both me & history pin are in agreement about my location.

On the mobile app (android) when i  clicked on nearby I got a news article (pinned by Yarra Trams) from December 1969.

Titled ‘ponytails’ to stay on tram, the article is about how Camberwell tram depot was planning to strike because a tram conductor was told to cut her ponytails (hair) or stop working. Pretty cool.

On the laptop I searched by location and found some pictures (pinned by Museum Victoria) of  a house a few doors up which had won a prize in a Herald house & garden competition in 1935.

I wandered up to have a look and it looks like part of the original is still there (but behind a big fence) -the house & gardens, 1935, were over 3 blocks. Looks like part of it has been subdivided since then.

From a work (Public Library) point of view History pin would have a lot of uses – would love to be able to do something with it. Especially in Local History terms. Haven’t heard that our Local History team is using it but will check when I’m back at work.

From a personal point of view think I’m going to use history pin for genealogy  –  can see so many uses for it.



#Blog June Day 10

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So day 10 – a third of the way through blog every day of june. And the blogging mojo is flagging.

I briefly pondered Bun-toting Librarian’s monday meme -scattergories

As a Fiona myself I could pretty much just copy and paste all her answers – but that seemed *wrong* (and is an idea i will keep for the day when I’m completely stumped for a blog post!)

A beautiful winter’s day in Melbourne today – and a public holiday to boot –  lots of walking, didn’t charge the camera so not much photography, took my sketchbook and attempted some drawings at Surrey Dive.

Shame about the housework that didn’t get done….

#BlogJune day 8

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A big tiring, ouchy sort of day.

Started the day with my traditional ‘before physiotherapy breakfast’. (Toasted banana bread and coffee). As the name implies this was followed by physiotherapy.

I have a great physio – she knows shoulders and I always feel better & worse after she has treated me. Better because my arm feels stronger and more flexible. Worse because Ouch.

I then worked in the afternoon. As i was coming off a head cold I wasn’t quite on the top of my form (I think of it as the painkillers didn’t know whether to deal with cold symptoms or shoulder pain).

But I was working with a great group of people and though it was a bit busy we got through. Only 2 snarky borrowers for the afternoon –  the last 2.

Then home for my traditional, ‘once every 4 weeks I worked this afternoon so I can have a pizza for tea’ meal from Pizza@379 (who make pretty awesome pizzas by the way).

Intended to have an early night cos I’m tired but faffed about watching crap tv instead.

Night all.

#BlogJune day 7 – What’s in a name

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Last year i received an email, signed Dad, telling me how they were having a great time on holiday in the USA.

Unfortunately my father had passed away some 7 years earlier so I was fairly sure I was not the intended recipient of the email.

I emailed back and explained this and ‘dad’ (Alan) replied and we had a bit of an email conversation ending with me being invited to visit them at their home in Hawick  (in the Scottish Borders).

Not long after this I received an email from ‘Robyn’ in New York, thanking me for my help with the local blood drive and congratulating me on the birth of my triplet grand-daughters.

Again not me (though my mum was pretty excited about the possibility of grandaughters!)

Then earlier this year I got an email from a London clothing firm telling me that they’d dispatched my order and it should be in Edinburgh the next day.  Forwarded the email to Alan’s daughter Fiona and we laughed about how her dad & her shopping were sent to me.

Those emails were all sent to my gmail address.   But I also have a yahoo email addy…

About a month or so ago ‘I’ was sent and invitation to a Scottish Parliamentary reception. ‘I’ forwarded the invitation from my blackberry to my yahoo address only it ended up with me in Oz instead of my Scottish Government namesake.

So many me’s so little time…


#BlogJune Day 6

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International Librarians Network.

Seeing as I’ve just filled in the mid program survey I thought I’d reflect on how I think the ILN is going.

I’ve been paired with the lovely Karen from South Africa and I am learning so much.

It’s interesting that despite being in different countries, and different library sectors, we face many of the same issues.

We talk about how to get more staff involved in social media, how we manage our professional reading, good blogs to follow, twitter, and so on.

Karen has joined ANZm23things and blogjune and I hope she is enjoying them as much as i am.

We communicate via email on a weekly (ish) basis.

I am reading up on South Africa in my spare time – I realised early on how little I knew about her country.

I hope the other librarians that signed up to ILN are getting a smuch out of it as I am.

#BlogJune day 5

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So in 4 weeks exactly the shoulder of doom goes under the knife.

Yep, shoulder surgery is happening.

Officially I am having a subacromial decompression of the right shoulder. I call it going in with the Dyson & vacuuming out all the junk, sandpapering down the rough edges and finishing up with a polishing cloth.

Unfortunately the surgery will not fix my shoulder – that ain’t gonna happen.

Worst case – I’ll be exactly where I am now.

Best case – I’ll have a bit more movement and a bit less pain.

So a no brainer – i feel like i need to have the surgery so i know I have tried everything possible to regain full movement.

So then what?Who knows?

It’s keyhole surgery. Overnight in hospital. Three weeks off work (worst case) more than 3 weeks off work (best case).

There is a 0.0000000000000000000001% chance that they will find something when they operate that hasn’t been obvious on the xrays, ultrasounds, or MRI.  Basically the longer I am off work them more likely it is that they have found something.

I think I am okay with my shoulder not getting any better than it is now.

But regardless once the surgery is over I can move on.


#BlogJune Day 4

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Today I hosted a booktalk at Hawthorn Library.

Booktalks are fun (most of the time)

Three library staff talk for 20 minutes each about 4 or 5 books they’ve read and enjoyed.

I spoke about five books.

The lost by Claire McGowan (set in Northern Ireland)

The Swedish girl by Alex Gray (set in Glasgow & Stockholm)

Don’t go by Lisa Scottoline (one of my favourite crime authors but this isn’t really a crime novel)

Life in ten houses by Sonia Hartnett. (A 50 or page memoir about her search for the forever house to write in)

Homework for grown ups by E. Foley.

Hopefully others will enjoy them as much as I did.