BlogJune. Day 3 of Day 17.

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This would be a cool thing to do.

I could see it as a variation on little free libraries – at local playgrounds have deleted or donated picture books; in local ‘green spaces’ have deleted or donated novels; similarly portable installations or pop ups at, say, immunisation sessions; train stations.

Possibilities are endless.


Blog June. Day 2 of Day 17

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Fiction in Surrey.

I saw this a few years ago and thought – what a brilliant, and relatively simple, idea. It is using google maps.

Couldn’t think of enough novels set in Boroondara but could we do it with our Local History Collections?

The resulting (local history) map could then be drilled down into and turned into self guided local history walks or cycle routes. Would be a good one to partner with local history societies on as well.

BlogJune. Day 1 of Day 17

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As always the best laid plans…

I intended to take part in BlogJune however on May 29 my world crashed down around me my internet died unexpectedly (is it ever expected?) and it took over two weeks (three companies and seven people) to ‘unbork’ it.

Therefore I start blogjune half a month behind.

Let’s see if I can catch up?

On the other hand I have over 1000 articles in my ‘2B blogged’ folder.