The struggle continued. Outwardly i was my usually efficient, effective productive and professional self. Inwardly I was ‘stressed out of my tree’. After several weeks of asking i got some feedback on my interview performance and why I was unsuccessful. It didn’t help. Most of my colleagues were supportive – their were 2 main opinions – some were disgusted i didn’t get it, others assumed i didn’t get it because I didn’t apply for it.


Finally on the up. Partly because the library was to relocate in october and i was heavily involved in the relocation planning which gave me a chance to use some of my skills. A lot of colleagues were encouraging me to look for employment elsewhere but how could I? if MPOW (people who know my strengths and abilities better than anyone else) thinks I can’t do a job that i did successfully for 6 months why should anyone else?


Planning for the relocation is going ahead full force. I am planning, visualising, measuring, project planning and managing like a mad crazy thing. Lovin’ it.