pretty bloody ordinary as it turned out.

January (you start the year off fine)

Was temporarily in a job I loved – it challenged me, it excited me, it made me think. I enjoyed going to work each day.

Buoyed by my enthusiasm I even thought about submitting abstracts to a couple of library conferences.


Still rocking the whole job enjoyment thing – although with the benefit of hindsight I should have seen the writing on the wall.

Self funded my attendance at VALA (a break with tradition  – usually the person in this role is funded by work; past VALA’s i’ve done what I did in 2016 – annual leave and self-fund).

As always I enjoyed it, I learned heaps, and I came back to work with a head and notebook full of ideas.


Felt I was on top of things. Problems were getting solved, I knew what I was doing and I entered my 35th year loving (almost) every minute of ‘my’ job. Even though I was still acting in the position I did feel like it was mine.(or rather that I had ownership of the various aspects of the job and the tasks associated with it)

To be Continued