As someone who has always thought that the library job I am least suited to is Youth Services (mind you the job i am second least suited to is Adult Services – go figure!) I have been reading , hearing, and being inspired, about a lot of YS programs lately.

My first love is still techie, gadget stuff but I am really getting interested in a whole lot of teen/tween programming ideas.

I found this article on collaboration between public libraries and schools which led me to this blog which had me (in my head) working out how we could incorporate some of these ideas into our YS programs. (By ‘we’ I mean the YS team)

I was so intrigued by the ‘battle of the books’ idea that I have contacted the author for more info (I think it along with book bingo could make a really interesting Adult Services series)

I think I want to run an ‘after school’ type program for adults say one morning a week (lego club, code club, themed booktalk, book bingo, intro to ebooks, intro to emags etc.)

Hmmmmmmmm this is turning from a blogpost to an idea.

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