So i got the email…

Every year as part of the ALIA Professional Development Scheme validation a random 10% sample of PD Scheme members are assessed for compliance with the ALIA PD Scheme requirements.

The audit list of participants for the ALIA PD Scheme Year 2015-2016 has been generated and you are among those to have been selected.

To satisfy the audit please notify us of your continuing professional development activities undertaken between 1 July 2015 and 30 June 2016, including your Reflections (reflective learning outcome).

You must report on a minimum 30 ALIA PD points worth of activities complying with the range of categories as determined by the Summary of Activity Types table. (The audit process does not require you to report on more than the minimum 30 points.) To validate a PD activity you will need to include approximately 50 words for each Reflection. If you are completing an ALIA PD Scheme Specialisation you will need to specify within your reflections the core competencies the activity aligns to.

Now I know this shouldn’t worry me (but why does the word audit cause such terror?) –  after all I have more that completed the required number of activities/points. Some I have even blogged about. Some are in random draft blogpost form that just needs to be polished and published. Some are in (really bad) handwriting that just needs to be interpreted/translated and then published.

I think I can also state with a fair amount of certainty that I will be blogging like a mad, bloggy thing the day before the deadline to ensure that my portfolio (which is not this blog btw) is up to date and ready for validation.

As I said last time I was audited for the ALIA PD scheme – “From now on my e-portfolio is going to be a thing of organised and up-to-date beauty and reflection”

Yeah right!