screen-shot-2016-10-26-at-6-59-28-pm So my 3rd code club type experience came yesterday at the River of Opportunities conference.

Deanne Verity from Geelong Library talked about their experiences with Code Clubs.

Started out as a partnership between the libraries and an external organisation. Didn’t work out exactly how they had hoped so Geelong is now ‘going it alone’.

They are registered with Code Club Australia & follow their ‘lesson plans’ using the library owned laptops.

Terms 1 & 2 is programming  using Scratch.

Term 3 is programming using CSS & HTML.

Term 4 is programming using Python.

They also have a code club volunteer (ICT teacher from a local school). It seems there is a good take up rate among library staff @ Geelong with internal ‘train the trainer’ style intro to scratch classes being held for staff with a view (my interpretation) to adding to the number of staff facilitating the groups.

(I could be projecting here – a number of staff at MPOW have asked me if I’ll teach them some basic coding in their own time – which I am going to organise as, hopefully, a PD opportunity, ie: with freddo frogs as rewards)

Anyhoo it seems Geelong have had some positive experiences  and learnt from the not so positive.

Interesting that the term 3 topics were not as successful as the term 1 & 2. I guess CSS and HTML are more for building websites and don’t have the ‘immediacy’ that writing a game in, say, Scratch provides.

It is too early in Term 4 to get a feel for how Python is going.

More food for thought…