So tonight I attended a meetup organised by CodeClub Australia to talk about codeclub and volunteering and all things coding for kids.

The guest speaker – Sophiya – works for Telstra and is a code club volunteer at Docklands Library.

Their code club setup works a little differently from the norm. It is less a ‘course’ over x number of weeks but more a booked ‘drop in’ on a Saturday morning once a fortnight.

Basically the library is responsible for booking in the kids; providing the space and the PCs, organising the publicity, printing off the worksheets etc.

The volunteers more or less just turn up and run the club – although there is a library staff member facilitating (or lurking) nearby.

They use a teamwork approach – two kids per pc – and the kids work together to make a game or whatever they choose.

Sophiya is always on the look out for more and different Scratch challenges for the kids who do book in regularly.

After Sophiya left the rest of us just stood around chatting and sharing experiences (though in my case i mainly listened avidly and noted down ideas that i liked the sound of).

One (primary) school has so many kids interested in lunch time and after school code clubs that they ended up asking the kids to write  an ‘expression of interest’ stating why they wanted to join code club.

Most of the people there were teachers (one was an IT consultant who helped out with code club at his kids’ school) so the discussion was mainly school based.

Nonetheless I came away with some ideas & thunks to help formulate our codeclub proposal.

Next coding activity for the week will be ALIA River of Opportunities seminar in Ballarat on Saturday.

Stay tuned…