With construction on the new MPOW delayed and hence the move to the temporary location delayed I have been able to get my head back in the code club game.

As luck would have it I have 3 opportunities this week to get up to speed on coding for kids clubs.

Tonight was opportunity One.

My local community centre is running a coding course for kids so I went along to have a chat to them about it. (Think not reinventing the wheel; partnership opportunities etc).

Unfortunately further investigation revealed it doesn’t really fit the bill of what we are wanting to set up.

This code course was run by an external (commercial) provider and as such there was a cost to attend the sessions.

Personally I would prefer that the library be able to run a code club in conjunction with, or through the auspices of, a volunteer led coding organisation such as code club Australia, coder dojo, code the future,  code like a girl, to name but a few.

Most of these orgs are volunteer run (or not-for-profit) and involve a partnership between say a volunteer who provides the expertise and a library which provides the venue, publicity, support, etc.

Next up is a code club meetup on Wednesday and then on Saturday a talk by Geelong library staff about their code club.