and in what format?

This article came to mind recently when I was involved in two discussions (with different people) about the future of libraries.

One was when I heard someone talking about getting rid of 40% of a public library’s collections (they meant books) and I couldn’t help but wonder what the users of that library would think if 40% of the books they browsed or borrowed just weren’t there.

The second discussion came about when I was talking about ebooks with a borrower and she wanted to know if all the books that the library had in its collections were also available on ebook for her to borrow.

Good question. I started thinking about all my favourite books and/or authors – so many of them are not available in e format. Especially annoying when you want to read a whole series and some are e, some are paper, and some appear to have disappeared off the face of the earth.

We tossed this idea back and forth for a few minutes then she looked at me and said ” You know, until I can access every one of these books on my tablet, I will keep coming to the library and browsing for things i didn’t know I wanted to read until I saw them”

*Best library patron ever*