So June and July have come and gone as have #blogjune (fail) and #dryJuly (‘success’). June was a particularly unpleasant month workwise which I suspect was the main reason that BlogJune didn’t happen. Despite having over 600 articles in my 2 b blogged folder they were almost all about libraries or about books i’d borrowed from my library and once i got home  from work i didn’t want to have to think about work and articles about libraries made me think of work which was not a good headspace to be in.

On the plus side the unpleasantness has got me thinking about alternative careers. If after all this time I am not meant to be a librarian or information professional then i need to find some other line of work that I am passionate about.

This is where sites like and coursera come in. A range of online courses that give me a taster of different professions and how they might work with my current skill set.

Project Management and Human Resources are currently capturing and holding my interest. I already have Certificate IV in systems (help desk) and another in Training and development. Maybe technical writing? I’m told I write easy to follow instructions.

So many things to think about.

DryJuly was a success but only because I don’t drink alcohol anyway and i rarely eat liqueur chocolates so for me DryJuly involved avoiding beer battered fish and chips; and pastas and risottos with a wine based sauce. EasyPeasy.

I’m pondering a ‘blog every day in september’ catch up as hopefully by then i’ll be back on a even keel.

Stay tuned…