In NZ it begins with the citizen, not with the govt.

Removal of pain points

Where the online experience comes to a halt

Design services from the citizens point of view

Govt depts. Shifting thinking towards

  •  Citizen 1st, dept/agency 2nd
  • Business 1st, dept/agency 2nd.

SLV shared leaderships – toolkit preparation for egovernment

In Sth Aust known as ‘no wrong door’ state government. Whichever door you come through is the correct one.

Civics education for ethnic minorities – intro to Council.

Craig Thornton. (NSLA)

People don’t want a passport, they want a place to travel

People don’t want libraries, they want a place to access information and experts to help them find what they want.

Degrees of literacy – no longer a linear code.

Can be literate on fb but not on a mobile phone.

Look at ecitizenship in its complete form