So last week i attended the Renew, Rethink, Revitalise seminar at SLV, organised by PLVN.

Originally when I heard that Corrinne Hills was going to be speaking at the mini conference I quickly booked myself in and organised to take some ‘time off in lieu’ that I had coming to me  – there was no way i was missing this!

My time off was approved and as the day of the seminar approached I casually asked MPOW if I could attend in work time instead of in personal time.

That was a biiiig mistake.

I was told that I could attend in work time but in future I wasn’t to book in for anything until it had been approved. So it seems if i want to do any PD it has to be approved by TPTB – even if I’m doing it in my own time.

Seems a bit backward to me but not my rules….