I had intended to take part in #blogjune (whereby I would blog every day in June) but instead i inadvertently took part in be sick every day of June (nowhere near as much fun as blogging may I say)

So here is a summary of  what i might have blogged about in June…

June 1. Saw Rocky Horror (stage musical) not one of my favourite musicals but ‘Time Warp’ is worth the price of admission alone.

June 2. Author talk at work. Sore throat (me), excellent talk by author (Jim Beggs). Didn’t have time for a proper lunch break between author talk and desk shift so grabbed some bbq shapes to keep me going. By 3pm feeling very light headed and had to be replaced on desk.

June 3. Extreme vertigo, headache, neckache, fever. went to Doctor “I don’t think it’s meningitis”. Gave me injection for vertigo, panadol for fever, antibiotics for virus.

June 4. – 5. Sleep (20 hours a day at least)

June 6. Should have been flying to Adelaide for Cabaret Festival. Instead sleep.

June 7. Should have been in Adelaide for Cabaret Festival. Instead back to Doctor.  Suspect pneumonia. chest Xray more (different) antibiotics, new inhaler. Lots of sleep. Fever has dropped slightly.

June 8-9. Should have been in Adelaide for Cabaret Festival. Instead lots more sleep.

June 10. Should have been in last day in Adelaide for Cabaret Festival.Back to doctor. Pneumonia diagnosis confirmed by xray. More antibiotics, (and steroids). 23 tablets a day now (my diagnosis is stoning the pneumonia out of me as much as curing it). Certificate for week off work. Managed to avoid hospitalization by moving round to sister’s house.

June 11-12. Sleep. wake up take tablets. sleep.  wake up take tablets. rinse and repeat.

June 13-16. Should have been on holiday in Tasmania. Instead Sleep. wake up take tablets. sleep.  wake up take tablets. rinse and repeat..

June 16. Back to doctor (certificate has run out). Feeling a lot better. Doc happy – lungs have cleared but wants me to finish antibiotics & another course of steroids to ensure lungs are clear.

June 16-25. Still needing 12-16 hours sleep per night  (6 of the tablets i’m taking cause drowsiness). coughing like a chain smoker.

June 26. Back to work.  Worked 8-11.30 then hit the wall and went home to bed.

June 27. 9th anniversary of my father’s death. Didn’t work as I was feeling pretty crap. Not well enough to go to see Les Miserables.

June 28. Still tired but feeling a bit better. Not well enough to go to family dinner in memory of dad.

June 29. Feeling better but still needing 12-15 hours sleep (and naps)

June 30. Still feeling tired (and coughing extremely well). Today would have been my dad’s 78th birthday. I still miss him.  Usually I end #blogjune with a ‘dad’ memory but here’s some photos instead.