Think Agatha Raisin meets Dimboola 🙂

Cass Tuplin owns the local (only) burger shop in the Mallee town of Rusty Bore.

In a small town like ‘the bore’ a stranger is news. So when an unknown (to Cass) man enters her shop Cass is naturally curious. She finds him somewhere to stay and then finds a body.

I quite enjoyed this book.

I loved the setting – the town names – Rusty Bore, Muddy Soak, & the Dimboola type images it conjures up.

Cass -self appointed amateur detective (as mother of the local cop she naturally assumes this position) is a strangely familiar character. She knows everyone & everything and expects her son to keep her informed on the police investigation.

A pretty good debut crime.

Look forward to Cass’s next outing.