Missing you by Justine Ford.

Over 20 years ago a then colleague’s brother left his home one night to walk his dog. Neither he nor his dog have been seen since.

Ever since then I have been ‘interested’ in missing persons cases and Missing you: Australia’s most mysterious unsolved missing persons’ cases – by Justine Ford certainly piqued my interest when it came across my desk. (although this case isn’t featured in the book)

I guess I saw first hand what happens to the families of those that go missing – and the efforts that they and the police go to search for the missing.

But I digress.

Justine Ford is a reporter on the TV show Australia’s Most Wanted and so has access to some top research and background on missing persons’ cases.

Among the 20 odd cases in the book are the disappearances of Boronia schoolgirl Bung Siriboon, & that of Queensland teenager Daniel Morcombe – both cases have been in the news since the book was written. Charges have been laid over Daniel’s murder.

Other cases remain unsolved. There’s the case of a man hit by a train in Perth – he has never been identified.

There are cases I remember reading about (Linda Stilwell – she was the same age as me, and her disappearance personified stranger danger) and many others I don’t remember.

In places the book is a harrowing read – how these families cope with not knowing what happened to their son, daughter, brother, sister, father, mother – how they fight to keep the case in the public eye in case someone remembers something.

The blurb says one person in Australia goes missing every 15 minutes –  a frightening statistic when you think about it.

With such an emotional subject matter it is difficult to say that I enjoyed the book. It is an extremely well written, gripping, emotional book. The subject matter is handled sensitively rather than sensationally.

An excellent read.

Date read: February 2013.