I’d love to host library sessions in unusual places (coffee, cake & crime anyone?)

Our Favorite Things: Libraries in Unexpected Places

For today’s Favorite Things post, we’re taking a look back at some of our favorite libraries that showed up in rather unexpected places. From book bikes to pop-up literary scenes in vacant lots, libraries were cropping up in a variety of interesting venues this year.

“Cut It Out” workshop at a local cafe, hosted by King County Library System.

King County Library System worked with a local cafe to bring a creative, hands-on library program to users in a relaxed, laid-back atmosphere.

  1. Airport Library entrance. Photo by Sander Stoepker.Airport Library entrance. Photo by Sander Stoepker.
  2. A library branch…in an airport? You heard that right! Check out the innovative way that this library in the Netherlands promotes Dutch culture to travelers from near and far.“Unbinding the Library” explored the connection between a library and its neighborhood.
  3. This interactive, guided exploration of a library and its relationship to Brooklyn was a collaboration between arts non-profit Elastic City and the Reanimation Library.Literary Lots brought scenes from children's literature to life in Cleveland.Literary Lots brought scenes from children’s literature to life in Cleveland.
  4. Literary Lots, a program out of Cleveland Public Library, brought unique literary experiences for families to vacant lots in Cleveland.BiblioTreka transformed into the pop-up library.BiblioTreka transformed into the pop-up library.
  5. Despite the fact that the BiblioTreka got boosted during one of its outings in Chicago this summer, we have mad respect and love for this library-on-wheels from Read/Write Library.

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