To my mind one of the goals of social media (in a library sense) is to be where the users are.

However it is also important to be where the users want the library to be. (ie horses for courses)

You can have an awesome presence on facebook but what if the content is targeting groups who don’t use fb?

Does the target group want to interact with the library via that social media platform?

So do you have a presence on every social media platform you can think of? Or do you focus on a few social media platforms and provide awesome content?

And herein lies the dilemma.

Presumably we have limited resources for maintaining a social media presence (staff mainly) so are we at danger of diluting the brand by having a so-so presence everywhere.

As social media platforms come and go and their popularity wanes and rises (bebo, anyone?) we need to concentrate on a few key platforms and work them well. Make them awesome and make them easy to use.

Be open to new opportunities – as new platforms emerge; examine them, trial them, think about them,  permission to fail they may not be suitable, they may not work, but we know about them.

A good social media policy allows for experimentation, for trialling new ideas. It allows for ‘permission to fail’, it is aimed at providing the library experience to people outside the physical library building.