So i am probably outing myself as a freak here but i don’t really listen to music on the go.

Walking to work I usually catch up on podcasts or study lectures – that sort of thing. Ditto on my morning or evening ‘constitutionals’ .

I set up accounts on  Spotify & Grooveshark and had a bit of a play (comparison) using my three ‘favourite’ music genres – musicals, 1970’s glam rock, & brass band music (especially marches).

Neither service proved a clear winner on content but I did find Spotify easier to use. Something about it appealed more than grooveshark (not that there’s anything wrong with grooveshark).

I’d set up a account a couple of years ago and i even went so far this time as to request a password reset. But that is about as far as i got.

Using spotify I set up a brass band list (march your troubles away) & a 70s list (Sherbet) some of the stuff they recommended was way cool.

After reading Bonnie’s intro I have added Soundcloud to my ‘explore further’ list.

My library has subscribed to Freegal. I haven’t used it too much – just enough to be confident I can help patrons download tracks, &/or troubleshoot.

Like I said i’m not really a listening to music type but maybe if i explored these further i might change my mind.