My main productivity app at the moment is Google calendar.

I have calendars for work, shoulder of doom, birthdays, social events, appointments, assignment due dates, bills etc.

The calendars are colour coded to tie in with my diary.

  • Red for work
  • Pink for study
  • Orange for shoulder
  • Green for social
  • purple for birthdays
  • blue for appointments & bills
  • Grey for mum (i look after her bills etc for her)

and the work (red) calendar is set to sync with my Outlook calendar at work.

Work related tasks are in outlook, Rest of my life tasks are in Google.

Because the shoulder of doom has to get up and stretch every 30 minutes I have a popup in outlook to remind me when it is stretch time.

This also works as a ‘pomodoro’ style reminder where i work solidly  until the 30 minute popup then i go stretch or exercise or take painkillers, grab a cuppa (depending on time of day etc).

Then i reset the timer and off i go again.

I like to use ‘apps’ that can be used for both work and non work stuff – my life all in one place – and accessible on any device that i can access my gmail on.

Easy Peasy