So I’d been thinking about social media policies and got a bit sidetracked – how do we decide what social media the library ‘should’ be using.

What happens if someone new starts in a position with social media responsibility and doesn’t agree with the existing uses?

For example the library uses blogger for blogging and the new staffer won’t use blogger and will ‘only’ use tumblr?

Do we shut down the blogs that have a reasonable following?

What if the new staffer sets up a ‘library’ blog in direct competition with one of the existing blogs?

What if they only want a library presence on Facebook and ignore/delete the Twitter presence?

Can a good social media policy mandate what tools should be used and allow for future growth and new platforms?

How much influence should personal preference have?

Who decides?

For a public library just starting out with social media  what are the must use platforms?



blogs (blogger, tumblr, wordpress)?



keek, vine, vimeo?

should we have a presence on all of them?

Personally I like twitter – short, sharp & to the point.  ‘library closed due to flooding’ quick info, add a link & people can click thru for more info.

Facebook – good for creating event pages & albums to promote various aspects of the library service.

Blogs – specific areas of library – book reviews, local history, youth services.

How many platforms should we be using?

next up – how we decide.