I like this idea although due to space issues it’s not practical at MPOW at the moment.

I did suggest we try something similar last month (when the boss is away the band 6 does play).We pulled all the hardback Harlequin Mills & Boon  (the ones with the navy blue covers) off the shelves and placed them on a trolley.The loans for these  have gone up noticeably – I think it’s because people want to read the genre rather than the author so can pull several off the trolley rather than having to trawl the shelves looking for them (our fiction is shelved in author order).
Just my opinion.
Anyway back to Cath the KiwiLibrarian

Shelving large print

Recently we made some small changes to how we shelve the large print in one of my libraries, and the impact on issues has been remarkable. Incidentally, it was not my idea, it was Sarah’s – credit where it’s due. All we’ve done is start messily piling up the large print in colour groups rather than all neatly shelved alphabetically. We’ve identified the orange non-fiction, blue medical romances, purple historical romances and pink general romances.

People are now deliberately ordering in to get more of the same ‘colour’. It’s quick and easy to shelve them, leaves more room for the rest of the large print to be shelves normally, and our customers love it. Go figure! (I thought a picture might help explain what I’m describing)