So I’m sitting at home typing this. One eye watching the AFL Grand FInal on the TV, one ear listening out for the ‘whoop whistle’ of my mobile phone, and obsessively checking my work email which is open in another tab.

So not a normal Saturday afternoon.

It all started Thursday as Melbourne experienced the famed ‘four seasons in a day’ weather.  Fifteen minutes of bright sunshine  followed by fifteen minutes of hail. and so on.

One of these hailstorms caused a power outage that took down the library’s ‘electricity using stuff’.

The staff leapt into action – we grabbed the ipad off the charging station (only someone had unplugged the charging station so the ipad battery was flat), grabbed the library mobile phone (also on the charging station but luckily holding half a charge) and went into action.

First call was to the electricity supply company – power not due to be restore until some time after the library was due to close  so the decision was made to close the library.

(The number of people who do not realise that computers need electricity to run constantly amazes me.)

Although the power came back on late Thursday afternoon the LMS, internet connections, phone system did not.

Systems were all still down yesterday – we were operating in offline mode but we had the (now fully charged) ipad for enquiries (and the library is a lot quieter without the phones).

Today the LMS, staff internet & phones were still down but we were able to get the public internets working.

A Telstra tech was supposed to turn up at 9.30 this morning to replace the ‘doohickey’ (technical term that) which was damaged during the power outage. He turned up 20 minutes ago (only 5 hours late) without the replacement ‘doohickey’.

So that is why i am keeping an ear and eye on work stuff today.  Moral support, sounding board, cheerleader-in-chief, whatever the staff need to get through the day.

Because we are open tomorrow and the public don’t want to know about power outages and broken doohickeys and offline systems.

They want the library to do the things the library usually does ,

They want the library to be connected to the things the library is usually connected to,

They want access to the info the library usually gives them access to,

They want connectivity,

They don’t want excuses.

We still have some work to do in this area.

Quote of the day

‘Bet you wish you still had catalogue cards’