I work at Balwyn Library, part of the City of Boroondara Library Service.

Boroondara Council is currently investigating options for a community hub in Balwyn North.

They are undertaking community consultations, surveys, information sessions to gauge the interest.

14% of North Balwyn residents speak a chinese based language at home so consultations etc are being held in English, Mandarin & Cantonese.

Among the questions on the survey there are several about libraries – what resources & services do North Balwyn residents use at Balwyn Library – things like that.

Are we getting a new library in Balwyn North? Who knows.

Balwyn is far and away the busiest of the five Boroondara branches so these consultations are a chance for borrowers and residents to inform the future of the city & of library services.

How cool is that?

With all we read about libraries closing worldwide it’s reassuring to see that the Council recognises the value of libraries and the important of making libraries available to all.

Residents of some parts of North Balwyn use our Home Library Service because transport from North Balwyn to Balwyn can be tricky if you don’t drive.

There is no pre-thought about what sort of library services could be offered in the community hub, and it’s probably a couple of years away but still it is an opportunity for the public and an opportunity for the library.

I am excited about the ideas, the prospects, and the opportunities available.

I hope everyone else will be as well.