So i have been a tad tardy.

Week one of the MOOC clashed with a much planned short holiday in New Zealand.

Week two coincided with the start of ‘Reign of Terror 2013’ (#RoT13) – the boss is away so for the next seven weeks I am Acting Branch Manager.

Whenever I’m in charge of the branch i try and introduce new ideas – staff curtseying (or bowing with a flourish) when they see me; staff referring to me as ‘esteemed leader’ or the more casual ‘chief’; a sedan chair to carry me from place to place. (Hence #RoT13)

Try as I might the staff are strangely reluctant to embrace any of these ‘innovations’ (go figure!)

Anyway that’s why i have been a little quiet MOOC wise.

However  I’m baaaaaack and rearin’ to go.

First batch of readings are done.

Thinking about to happen. Then blogging.

Awaaaaaaaay we go.