I have an adobe id for using Overdrive ebooks and so far that’s about all i use it for.

Looking at the adobe site I don’t know that i’d pay for any of the products as, for my needs, there are several appropriate free apps I can use.

I will download some free trials and try some products to see if they would better suit my needs (or my library’s needs).

If your library subscribed to Creative Cloud, would you be able to make your brochures, posters etc look more professional? And would you have staff with the time and skills to make it happen?”

Don’t mention the war!

We are currently having issues at work with trying to make our event flyers standout whilst still conforming to the Council style guide.

These flyers are one of the main ways we attract people to our events and they need to stand out in a sea of flyers.

Three flyers for different events but looking exactly the same does not make for user engagement. Nor does the reason ‘it’s because they are all middle aged men’ hold water either.

Would creative cloud make our flyers more professional? Probably not – we still have the same style guide to follow – regardless of the program being used.

Do we have staff with the time and skills to make it happen? Yes and No.

All in all, with the exception of ebooks, we probably wouldn’t use adobeidat work.

Will I use it for more than just ebooks?


Only time will tell.