I tend to have several online personas – it started out innocently enough….

Back in the original 23 things i decided for some reason that i didn’t want to use my real name as my twitter handle.

Instead I went with @tapsister. Of course when I decided i wanted to use my own name all the cool variations were taken – so I remain Tapsister.

I try very hard not to use my twitter &/or facebook logins for other apps. Certainly with facebook i am often concerned about security so i don’t use that login for anything else.

I have a gmail account that i use only for signing up for new apps etc.

I’m fairly vigilant about online security – a few years ago a friend of mine had her identity scammed online and even now is still sorting out bits and pieces of her online life as a result.

She had entered info into a social network. Her mother’s maiden name, the first street she lived in, her dog’s name etc. Someone hacked her account and all of sudden had all the info needed to steal her identity.

Me – Lesson learned.

As a result I compartmentalise my online identity. I use different email addresses for social networks, email, newsletters, apps, online shopping etc.

Also I have a low limit credit card for online purchasing  – it is not attached to my bank account so is, I hope, safe and secure.

Better safe than sorry.