I’d never thought of myself as a gamer until angry birds came along.  That was the first game i’d ever seriously considered playing (and still play).

On my phone & tablets I have angry birds (all versions) and that, and solitaire, are pretty much the only games i play.

For my nephews to play  i also have fruit ninja, flinders street ninja, minecraft, & hangman.

I see the kids come into the library every afternoon after school and head for the computers – most them are playing minecraft, and I read about libraries that are setting up, or have set up, their own minecraft servers.

My library is due to be renovated next year and i wonder (and very much doubt) if there is going to be any (extra) room or equipment for gaming.

The 2 branches that have been recently renovated have not had anything particularly addressing gaming needs or future gaming so I doubt very much my branch will.

Our library future-ification is very much about libraries as community spaces but more for adults (lifelong learning, learning centres) than for kids.

I mean we have excellent kids coillections and programs but the older kids – tweens and teens – those most likely to game are not so catered for.

Much of what i am saying about game spaces will alos apply to makerspaces – but that’s a blogpost for another day.

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