SwissArmyLibrarian posted this about a story walk organised by his library.

I love it.

The idea of StoryWalk, which originated with Anne Ferguson of Montpelier, VT, is to line a trail with pages from a picture book, which kids (and adults) can read while on their walk/hike. The pages are laminated so as to be weather-proof, and attached to wooden stakes driven into the ground along the trail.

It’s a very simple project to do, but looks great and is a lot of fun for trail walkers. Library staff prepared all the pages and stakes, and the volunteer Stewards cleared the trail and installed the stakes…

I think this would be a pretty awesome thing to do along the outer circle rail trail. This would be a local history walk rather than a storybook walk, although maybe local artists could be invited to draw pictures so that the walk would be of interest to all ages?

Perhaps some variation could be used to get kids to the ‘new’ open space next to the Town Hall Gallery?

Love it Love it Love it.