I joined both GoodReads and LibraryThing some time ago.

I’ve pretty much stopped using goodreads – no real reason for not using it other than that I find LibraryThing more suited to my needs.

LibraryThing makes it easy to keep track of my books (physical & e) as well as my ‘to be read’ (TBR) pile and my ‘want to read’ lists.

I can add books my scanning the isbns into my phone and then uploading them to LibraryThing. I can then tag (catalogue!) them.

I use tags such as ‘read’, ‘to read’, the series name, etc.

If it’s a book i’ve borrowed from a library then it gets tagged with the library name.

I also tag books (with the intended recipients name) i might want to give people for Christmas or birthdays.

I upgraded to paid LibraryThing some time ago so that i could upload unlimited books.  I also add my dvds -it’s useful to have everything in the one place. It makes it easy to track what i’ve read,  what i want to read, what i’ve got waiting to read and so on.