I’ve been using QR codes for a while now – i have one on my intro card (a sort of personal business card – if that makes sense) that points people to my blog.

At work we have had QR codes on our library cards for about 12 months (we had to wait for the old stock to be used up).

These QR codes direct people to the library website.

We also use QR codes on some of our signage to take people (for example) to the Road to IELTS database.

I haven’t seen anyone scanning the QR codes but then again I don’t sit there and stalk QR codes to see how often they get used!

I’ve noticed an increase in the number of shops that have QR codes on their windows or handouts – ir’s way easier (for me) to snap a QR code with my phone than it is to write down the details of an event or shop.

From a work point of view we are not promoting the QR codes – they are there for people who know what they are to use but we don’t actively try and introduce them to people who don’t know what they are.

That is often an issue when introducing something different.

We really enthusiastic about something, introduce it, but then nothing more happens with it. We need to follow up on these ideas so that  their potential can be realised, rather than assuming everyone knows what to do.

Even if the idea is ultimately unsuccessful we need to promote it properly at the start.