My calendaring is a mix of paper and online.

At work we use outlook.

At home I use google calendar.

I have set up multiple calendars in google and colour coded them to match my paper diary.

I sync outlook with google so that all info is displayed across all calendars. (except in outlook where only one google calendar syncs into outlook –  i figure people needing to access my work calendar don’t need to know when my phone bill is due!)

Using google calendar means i can access it is easily on all my devices android & apple.

But there is something comfortable about a paper diary as well.

2013-07-11 11.35.12

Like my online calendar, my diary is colour coded.

Red = work

green – social

purple = birthdays

orange = shoulder

blue/black = appts, bills.

My diary also has week to 2 pages which i use for more details but i like the month view for a general overview.

It looks much messier in the photo than it looks in real life.

Because i’ve been using this colour scheme for over 10 years – i’m used to it. (obviously shoulder is a relatively new category hence orange). When i was studying i used pink for study info. Now i use pink for PD opportunities.

I like being able to see an overview of my ‘life’ either on paper or on screen.

I remember a few years ago I was seconded to a different Council department. My diary system (paper and/or online) did not suit the requirements of the position.

I had to go out and buy a different diary for those 6 weeks so that i could enter info and deadlines in the format that (I felt) suited the position. Also had to change the set up of outlook for the same reasons.

That makes me sound like i’m precious about calendars (ok i probably am) but i like to have everything planned out and my system suits all the different aspects of my life – and it is important to me that paper mirrors online and online mirrors paper.

I spend maybe 15 minutes a week (if that) syncing paper and online.