I’m a bit late to this topic so i’ve been able to read what everyone else has written and think about their brilliant ideas and how I can  ‘adapt’ them!.


I skype. I have a brother in the UK so skype him regularly. When my sister was in India i took my ipad up to mum’s so mum and my sister could skype each other. (Or Kite as mum liked to call it)

Google hangout, I think, has some great uses for libraries. I love the thought of interactivity – discussion groups, booktalks, author talks  – in person and online for those who can’t be there.

I want to investigate this more – how does the NYPL conduct their talks using hangout? How can I join one of their talks? Could i set up some form of hangout between me and my ILN partner?

How cool could that be.

Mind you i’m not sure our work wifi would be up to the task as it stands but i can see so many options for this at work.

Now to get TPTB on board and see where we can take it.

I will come back to this thing when I have investigated it more thoroughly.

I need to think through the logistics more.


To be continued….