So the big day (surgery) has arrived.

A light breakfast of coffee and toast eaten no later than 8am.

Jeeves picked me up at 11 am as i had to be checked in by 12.

We arrived at St. Vincent’s East Melbourne at 11.45 where i was interviewed before being sent to the day surgery dungeon (or basement).

I was 4th on Mr B’s list so was warned that i probably wouldn’t go in til 4.30 or thereabouts.

The anaesthetist came round before the list started and introduced himself (hi Tim) and told him i was on the tail end of a stupid cold and was coughing like a long time smoker.

He also had a cold so we swapped misery stories.

So from 1 til 4 i napped in a recliner chair trying not to think about how desperately thirsty i was.

About 4 i changed into gown and dressing gown and napped on the bed.

At 4.50 Luis the orderly joined my medical team and wheeled me round to the theatre waiting area.

There i added Penny (assistant anaethetist), Peter (doctor assisting at surgery), justine (theatre nurse), Kelby (not sure of his role).

Then the big surgery man himself wandered out to draw arrows and write his initials on my shoulder (on the shoulder to be operated on, not just as weird branding attempt)

I was wheeled into the theatre at 5.20pm and don’t remember much else until i woke in the rcovery room about 7.

By 8pm i was in my (private) room on the 2nd floor with a balcony overlooking the internal courtyard. Not that i cared about any of this – i was tired.

Rang the family to tell them i was ok then slept. Mind you the sleep was patchy cos every hour i needed to have my blood pressure, temperature, etc taken. The hourly checks were required because i has the nintendo self administered pain meds. ( push the button on the remote control to adminster pain meds – no more than every five minutes regardless of how many times you push the button)

I was also on oxygen and had a drip administering fluids.

Not a lot of sleep to be had……