30th June.

Last day of blog every day of June.

Last day of the financial year.

My dad’s birthday.

As is an end of June tradition since my dad passed away we are having a family dinner.

Most of the remaining Malcolms will attend.

Mum, me, my sister, 2 of my brothers (the other lives in the UK but he usually phones), assorted nieces & nephews and Dad’s brother & sister-in-law.

Dinner is at the Manningham Hotel in Bulleen (formerly the Melbourne home of the Brisbane Lions/Fitzroy Football Club). Dad liked to dine there & mum likes to continue the tradition by having the family dinner there.

I also make a donation to Sale Relay for Life of the money I would normally have spent on dads birthday present. I do this for his birthday,  for Christmas, & Fathers Day

I used to donate to Peter Mac in memory of dad but a ‘run-in’ with their fund raiser caused me to swith my donations to relay for life (also when I discovered that I could donate to a specific relay for life event – dad was one of the organisers of the Sale relay for life event)

There you have it.

The last day of June is always a bitter sweet one for me and my family.

I enjoyed BlogJune and although I struggled early i got there in the end.

Happy end of June everyone.