So tonight was the Australian Ballet & Graeme Murphy’s Swan Lake.

At least that was all the  theatre i was expecting…

About halfway through dinner there seemed to be  a buzz going round the room. People began pulling their phones out  & looking at them  – not making or receiving phonecalls but gazing at the screens.

A passing waiter told us that Kevin Rudd was going to challenge for the Labor leadership.

As we headed for the theatre we were told 7pm spill.

We took our seats about 7.15 &, like pretty much every other adult in the theatre, continued to watch the political drama unfold until the lights dimmed and the curtain rose.

Then there was some dancing on stage – Madeline Eastoe was dancing. Villagers were dancing joyously. There was a kite.

Then it was interval and time to go and find out what was happening in the real world.

As we left at interval the usher greeted us with the news that K.Rudd had won the leadership of the ALP but he mightn’t be able to be Prime Minister.

Before we had a chance to find out why it was time for more dancing.  There was madness, anguish,  nurse nuns in weirdly big scroll like headpieces and swans.

Then second interval and the news that the Governor General Quentin Bryce had sought legal advice on whether Kevin Rudd could be Prime MInister.

Then more dancing, more villagers dancing, more madness and more of Tchaikovsky’s beautiful music.

Then home to find out what the hell had happened  –  and what all those tweets about state of origin actually meant.

Great ballet – love Murphy’s choreography.