I’m done a fair bit of youtubing (so to speak) so i decided for thing 6 to have a look at  keek. (i’m such a rebel)

My teenage niece has been using keek for a while – she uploads videos of herself singing & dancing.

Keek has been described as the “…the Twitter for video-based status updates” – Techcrunch

A keek video has a maximum length of 36 seconds so it is short, sharp, video. Ad length. Ideal for bite size snippets of library info.

There are apps for android, blackberry, webcam & i-devices – you can setup an account using twitter or facebook or your email address. You can follow keek users; get notified when favourites upload new keeks.

Comments on a keek can be written or filmed – filmed comments are known as keekbacks. There is keekmail to keep you up to date with what others are doing on keek.

There is private messaging, analytics, & a rating system known as kred which rates your kred level based on how your keeks have been rated by others and how many other keeks you’ve rated.

I can see some form of keek being used to promote teenage events and collections at the library. Maybe small book reviews, previews, library info.

FAQs using keeks with the answers.

Maybe a competition getting kids to submit keeks promoting the library –  at 36 seconds in length to short to be boring?

I can see a lot of potential for keek in libraries, and as a free app/service it would not cost much to implement into our social media strategy.

Now to convince others 🙂

a random keek (found by searching keek using search term library)