We arrived at Hobart International Airport at 8.45 am for our 9.50 am flight to Melbourne. As we checked in were told that our flight was delayed 25 minutes.

By the time we got through security our flight was delayed by two hours.

We eventually flew out almost four hours late.

Now Hobart airport has only 5 shops once you get through security –

2 Souvenir shops

2 coffee shops

1 newsagency/bookshop

<If you are really interested I can give you a detailed review of each shop including stock, price comparisons, aisle layout etc.>

Jetstar gave us an $8 refreshment voucher each – (a cup of coffee and a muffin cost $8.50)

I might have found this more entertaining were it not for the fact that i had theatre tickets for 3 pm in Melbourne.

Our flight landed at 2.50pm.

I did not make it to the theatre.

We were never given a definite reason for the delay but apparently the plane that eventually picked us up in Hobart had been diverted from Launceston. Don’t know what the people in Launceston waiting for the flight to Melbourne were going to do.