So my sister and i are in Hobart with our mum. Both K & I are sporting bruises as mum hates flying (well the taking off part).

The flight was fine except for the medical drama as we were coming into land. The flight staff were just taking their seats for landing when a guy a couple of rows in front of us stood up, looked round wildly & yelled 'help'. He interspersed yelling help with leaning towArds the woman seated next to him.

There was a sudden symphony of bells as the passengers seated nearby all pushed their call buttons to attract the attention of the flight crew. Amidst the bells were we could hear 'is there a doctor on board?'

Then all 4 flight attendants arrived and took charge. Turns out the man's wife had fainted. Bythe time the flight crew got there she was regaining consciousness. They brought her oxygen & she seemed to recover.

Luckily mum only heard the last part – the noise of the aircraft was affecting her hearing aids (or something like that)

Then it was off to the Cadbury factory where mum was able to purchase a years supply of columbine caramels.

Then MoNA. As always wow!

Mum struggled a bit with the ipod as guidebook but was happy to just wander and admire. She was completely blown away by it all, even the walls.


To be continued…