Tell me what’s a happenin’

So Jesus Christ Superstar @ Rod Laver Arena.

Rock concert meets arena spectacular meets musical theatre meets Tim Minchin and the result is pretty awesome.

I took advantage of cheap tix to the final Melbourne show – my seats were way back (luckily i had opera glasses).

I must be getting old – it was LOUD.

Andrew Lloyd Webber has totally updated Superstar. It’s set in the 21st century  in a city beset by rioting, occupy groups, and other current climates.

The characters text, tweet, facebook. They have tattoos. They wear jeans, t-shirts, hoodies.

When the time comes to decide if Jesus is “Lord” or “Fraud” it is a reality TV show sms vote.

Tim Minchin as Judas steals the show. He is sooooooooooo talented. I hadn’t really realised how good his voice is until now.

Ben Forster won the role of Jesus by ‘winning’ a British reality show called Superstar. Andrew Lloyd Webber has used this tactic for many of his most recent revivals. Think reality/talent show where all the contestants are trying to win a particular lead role in a Lloyd Webber musical.

He has a fantastic voice also and was brilliant also.

Mary Magdalene is played by ex-SpiceGirl Mel C.  Another great voice & a wow rendition of ‘I don’t know how to love him’

Jon Stevens plays Pontius Pilate, in the last Aussie version some 20 years ago he played Judas!

All in all a great show, my ears are still ringing.