So tonight’s entertainment was the exhibition match between Canada & the USA at HiSense Arena.

In North America what we call ice hockey they call hockey, and what we call hockey they call field hockey. (Just so you know).

In some ways the whole evening was an entertainment rather than a sporting contest. Not that the audience minded in the least.

We had fireworks (of the flashy, lights in the roof, kind), we had *half time* (not half time exactly as ice hockey is a game of three periods/halves!) entertainment,  we had a spectacle.

From the moment the  tickets went on sale this was a well organised intro to a sport most of us had only seen on TV.

When purchasing tickets you chose between tickets in the US section and tickets in the Canada section. (I chose the US because most people seemed to be choosing Canada so there were better tix left in the US section when i got around to buying)

The game was fun. Lots of goal scoring not so much defence. At full time the score was tied 9-9 which meant, much to the excitement of the crowd,  ~shootout~

This really raised the roof as the audience was well and truly in the game by now.

In the end the US won 10-9 but I don’t think anyone really cared. Most of us were there to see an ice hockey game. And that’s what we saw.

Only one ‘real’ brawl tho’