History Pin refused to believe I’m  in Melbourne – it kept showing places nearby as though I was in Sydney. (Surrey Hills, Melbs vs Surry Hills, Syd. I wonder)

Obviously something somewhere was hinky with my location settings. So after much swearing, & threatening both me & history pin are in agreement about my location.

On the mobile app (android) when i  clicked on nearby I got a news article (pinned by Yarra Trams) from December 1969.

Titled ‘ponytails’ to stay on tram, the article is about how Camberwell tram depot was planning to strike because a tram conductor was told to cut her ponytails (hair) or stop working. Pretty cool.

On the laptop I searched by location and found some pictures (pinned by Museum Victoria) of  a house a few doors up which had won a prize in a Herald house & garden competition in 1935.

I wandered up to have a look and it looks like part of the original is still there (but behind a big fence) -the house & gardens, 1935, were over 3 blocks. Looks like part of it has been subdivided since then.

From a work (Public Library) point of view History pin would have a lot of uses – would love to be able to do something with it. Especially in Local History terms. Haven’t heard that our Local History team is using it but will check when I’m back at work.

From a personal point of view think I’m going to use history pin for genealogy  –  can see so many uses for it.