A big tiring, ouchy sort of day.

Started the day with my traditional ‘before physiotherapy breakfast’. (Toasted banana bread and coffee). As the name implies this was followed by physiotherapy.

I have a great physio – she knows shoulders and I always feel better & worse after she has treated me. Better because my arm feels stronger and more flexible. Worse because Ouch.

I then worked in the afternoon. As i was coming off a head cold I wasn’t quite on the top of my form (I think of it as the painkillers didn’t know whether to deal with cold symptoms or shoulder pain).

But I was working with a great group of people and though it was a bit busy we got through. Only 2 snarky borrowers for the afternoon –ย  the last 2.

Then home for my traditional, ‘once every 4 weeks I worked this afternoon so I can have a pizza for tea’ meal from Pizza@379 (who make pretty awesome pizzas by the way).

Intended to have an early night cos I’m tired but faffed about watching crap tv instead.

Night all.