Last year i received an email, signed Dad, telling me how they were having a great time on holiday in the USA.

Unfortunately my father had passed away some 7 years earlier so I was fairly sure I was not the intended recipient of the email.

I emailed back and explained this and ‘dad’ (Alan) replied and we had a bit of an email conversation ending with me being invited to visit them at their home in Hawick  (in the Scottish Borders).

Not long after this I received an email from ‘Robyn’ in New York, thanking me for my help with the local blood drive and congratulating me on the birth of my triplet grand-daughters.

Again not me (though my mum was pretty excited about the possibility of grandaughters!)

Then earlier this year I got an email from a London clothing firm telling me that they’d dispatched my order and it should be in Edinburgh the next day.  Forwarded the email to Alan’s daughter Fiona and we laughed about how her dad & her shopping were sent to me.

Those emails were all sent to my gmail address.   But I also have a yahoo email addy…

About a month or so ago ‘I’ was sent and invitation to a Scottish Parliamentary reception. ‘I’ forwarded the invitation from my blackberry to my yahoo address only it ended up with me in Oz instead of my Scottish Government namesake.

So many me’s so little time…